New novel by G H Frost, writer author of Stonyman Doctrine and Recon International terror gangs move anti-aircraft missiles from Iraq, through Sudan and Morocco, to attack airliners in the United States. Al Qaeda?  Islamic Jihad?  The Mujahadeen of Iraqi Revenge?  Salafis from Saudi Arabia?  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard?  The gangs cannot be identified --- but the threat is known.  One SA-7 missile can drop an American airliner and the gangs possess an endless supply of missiles from the abandoned weapon dumps of Iraq.  Tracking the gangs through enemy nations, squads of Recon Marines carry false passports and play the roles of cameramen, news reporters, musicians.  They speak Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish. They cannot carry weapons.  To kill the gangs and destroy the missiles, the Marines must fight with their hands or knives or enemy weapons.  And if killed or captured, the Marines are not Americans.
. .Recon Marines kill terror gangs . .. .in the nations of our enemies.

01 -- Al Khassad, Sudan


“Nous parlons Francais?”

“Say it in English for the Skyman. Speak French or Arabic if anyone comes up the stairs. They think I’m French. Ayn -- al -- Saqr. Eye of the Falcon? Falcon Eye?”

"Correct, sir. Eye of the Falcon missiles. Anti-aircraft. And, sir, the Egyptians ….” An older man spoke in slow, British-accented English. “They said they would attack jetliners of the United States. In the United States. They will kill thousands in your country.”

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